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Selected Press by Project

Immaculate Telegraphy by Kelly Loudenberg

BoingBoing by Mark Frauenfelder

Ming the Mechanic by Flemming Funch

Make Magazine vol 23 by Jamie O'Shea


Popten by Juan Carlos P.E.

PSFK by Naresh Kumar

artificial medicine

The Vertical Bed

Engadget by Stephanie Patterson

We Make Money not Art by Regine Debatty

CBS the Doctors

Gizmodo by Rosa Golijan

Giz-mag by Briget Borgobello

Treehugger by Lloyd Alter


Design Launches

MSNBC nerd approved by Sean Fallon

FHM malaysia

also appearing in print in: Science & Vie découvertes, Schau magazine, Playboy Russia

also on television on: TvTokyo, One Russia, Welt der wunder, TBS Lincoln


Church of the Martyr Rover

International Year of Astromonomy by Sarah Cook


3:2 An experiment in Time Travel


Rhizome by Marisa Olsen

Omaha World Herald by Dane Stickney

Human Events by Doug Patton

also in print in: Sputnik magazine by Geraldine Juarez

also on tv on: Omaha buzz


The Olfactograph

NPR Studio 360 by Trent Wolbe


Alvin by Alessandro Ludovico

Art in America by Eleanor Heartney

We make Money not Art by Regine Debatty

Futurelab vision by Marisa Harlington

on television on: NY1, ITV