artificial medicine

The Church of the Martyr Rover, a shrine to the Mars Phoenix lander, produced for Xcult's Beam me up.


The shrine was kept in a freezer in my bedroom for a year broadcasting via webcam, waiting for a signal from the actual lander. NASA pronouced Pheonix destroyed by ice over the harsh Martian winter, so the shrine never reactivated. click to play time lapse video.




After the final transmission, a funerary mission was launched to the myrdalsjokull glacier in Iceland, where dust covers ice as is it does at the Phoenix lander site on Mars.  This is the last view of the shrine before it was buried in an icy grave.

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The Blastocyst. Gold leaf sail and bullet based capsule for sending frozen embryos into deep space, carried like dust by the pressure of solar wind.





instructions for embryo culture, printed on microfilm contained within, written in Carl and Linda Sagan's universal pictoral language


capsule final stage is comprised only of the grey tip and gold sail, containing the embryo, culture medium sample, cryopreservatant, and microfilm. Weighing 5 grams, the capsule would cost only $100 to launch by current weight based launch costs.


  The Bard Space Program. On May 17, 2002 in upstate New York, a group of liberal arts students attempted to launch a man into near-Earth orbit.
        Habitation test. Test subject was sealed inside capsule for a 72 hour test of livablity.